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2-7 Day Premier Green Cleanse

2-7 Day Premier Green Cleanse


Our ALPHA Green (Premier) is a heavy metal detox program for experienced juicers.


The cleanse includes:


(1) Blue Meanie

(1) Make America Juice Again

(1) The Overzealous Vegan

(1) Virgo

(1) Hercules, Hercules

(1) ALPHA Beets II

Chlorophyll Water (Aloe Vera Water + Chlorophyll + Activated Charcoal)

Chlorella/Spirulina Heavy Metal Detox Tablets


We recommend ALPHA Basic 3-day juice cleanses for juicing beginners


ALPHA Green Cleanse Guide


Drink (1) juice every 2 hours starting with M.A.J.A.


We also recommend during an ALPHA Cleanse to:


Drink between 1⁄2 gallon to 1 gallon of distilled water daily

Drink hot tea (a small amount of honey or natural sweetener is ok)

Exercise at least 15 minutes a day


Example Day

1: 8 am | 1st juice: M.A.J.A. + Chlorophyll Water

2: 11 am | 2nd juice: Virgo

3: 1 pm | 3rd juice: ALPHA Beets I

4: 4 pm | 4th Juice: Blue Meanie

5: 6 pm | 5th Juice: The Overzealous Vegan

6: 8 pm | 6th juice: Hercules, Hercules + Chlorella/Spirulina Tablets


Feeling full?


Our team was intent on making the cleanses nutritionally dense enough to satisfy your hunger. If you're feeling good, add more time in between juice servings or freeze extra juice for up to 3 months.


That protein though. Substitute an ALPHA juice for a Hemp Seed Milk which contains 8 grams of protein per bottle. Tbh

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