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ALPHA Juice Co.

ALPHA Juice Co. 
Juicing Benefits Overview


  • Body pH is alkalized

  • Juice's nutrient density creates fullness with less caloric intake. This contributes to healthy, sustainable weight loss​.

  • Drinking juice is a natural way to cleanse the intestines and thereby improves regularity

  • Cell damaging free radicals are neutralized

  • Juicing aids in heavy metal detox 

  • Appetite and sweet cravings are suppressed

  • Juices reduce mucus build up

  • Enjoy improved sleep, energy and mental clarity

  • Drinking juice can help kill parasitic infections

  • Taste and smell are enhanced...keep it juicy

Juicing Benefits Explained


Raw pressed juices naturally alkalize the body, reducing the opportunity for and prevalence of disease. 


Juices are nature's energy drink. We are literally consuming electrically charged/living food, as opposed to eating long dead matter or food-like foods. On an energetic pyramid, plants are the first absorbers of the sun's energy. 


Ever noticed that we can eat a full "meal" or multiple servings of nutritionally deficient foods, and still not feel satisfied? Most of us eat volume when we feel hunger pangs, which is actually our body communicating that it craves nutrition. Juices make us feel fuller with less calories because raw juices are nutritionally dense. One juice can have 5 to 6 servings of fruit and vegetables in one bottle as most of the fiber has been removed (also allowing for less bloating). This reduced appetite is what leads to the weight loss many experience when integrating juices into their lifestyle. 


Juices allow the body to cleanse naturally, and on a daily basis, which improves regularity and the health of our blood. This leads to clearer skin, better sleep, heightened libido, flourishing nails and hair, and improved mental clarity. Depending on the juice, the drinker is receiving a plethora of antioxidants that slow the aging and damage of cells, and thereby, preserve a person's youthful appearance. 


Juices are a also natural internal deodorizer, and beet-based juices help improve symptoms related to anemia and iron deficiency. 


Our chlorophyll containing drinks contribute to heavy metal detox. Heavy metal toxicity can progressively lead to  physical and neurological degenerative processes akin to Alzheimer's Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Plant chlorophyll is the same molecular structure as human hemoglobin, the only difference being a magnesium centered cell instead of iron. Drinking it is effectively a daily blood transfusion/blood purifier.


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