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Where the Alphas Are

The ALPHA Juice Co. 


$5 off every order

Free 8-count juice every 10th order

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Member Rewards Program

The joy of becoming a professional JuiceStar

ALPHA Club Member Rewards

How do I Become an Alpha?

After the first order is placed, ALPHA Club membership is activated. Alphas receive a$5 off discount code made exclusively for them. No complicated point system, no sorcery. Once Alphas have received their code, registration is completed by submitting their preferred 8-count JuiceBox flavor. Our Kitchen Team will press the Alpha's selection and ship after their 10th order. 

Complete Registration Here

If you have already received your order

to receive your 8-count JuiceBox

ALPHA Club Members Only

We got you. Stay juicy my friend.

Are You A Hardcore Alpha?

Start your subscription order below and select bi-weekly or monthly juice deliveries.

Subscribed Alphas save an additional $9 to $35 every order. 

Want to switch it up?
No worries–an ALPHA team member will confirm your juice selection 5-7 days before your JuiceBox is set to ship.




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